<IMPORTANT> Make sure to read the in game information before clicking start

Cosmic Chance is an arcade style spaceship combat game developed for the GMTK Game Jam 2022 with the theme "Roll of the Dice".

You pilot a spaceship where every part of your ship is controlled by a dice roll; your health, damage, weapon and even the power of your engines!
Collect shooting stars to reroll individual stats if you dont like them!

Destroyed enemies will drop xp, if you get enough xp you level up, increasing your max health. However your ship will be completely rerolled every time this happens!


  • WAD / Arrow Keys - Move your spaceship
  • Mouse1 / Space - Shoot towards cursor


Netal game:

Coding, SFX - Nettakrim
Art - Walex


Cosmic Chance.zip 26 MB


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Really cool little game, really liked the sound effects in the game and the way it acted when it was giving you your stats, the trails are neat and I liked how items gravitate towards you too. 

Very asteroids style and neon colour scheme, very cool